Company formation in UAE

Unlocking Opportunities: Expert Company Formation Services in the UAE

Welcome to FMA Audit, your gateway to establishing a successful business presence in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). With a profound understanding of the UAE’s business landscape and a commitment to your growth, we specialize in providing comprehensive company formation services tailored to your unique needs.

Our Company Formation Services:

  1. Business Consultation: Embark on your journey with a clear roadmap. Our experienced consultants guide you through the process, helping you select the most suitable business structure and jurisdiction based on your goals.
  2. Free Zone and Mainland Setup: Unlock flexibility and benefits by setting up your business in a UAE free zone or mainland. We facilitate all aspects of the setup, from legal documentation to visa processing.
  3. Offshore Company Formation: Establish an offshore presence with ease. Our experts assist you in forming an offshore company in UAE jurisdictions known for privacy and international transactions.
  4. Trade License Acquisition: Navigate the licensing process smoothly with our assistance. We help you secure the necessary trade licenses, ensuring compliance with regulations.
  5. Legal Documentation and Clearances: Rely on our legal expertise to prepare and submit all required documentation for company registration, approvals, and clearances from relevant authorities.
  6. Bank Account Opening: Streamline your financial operations by opening a business bank account. Our guidance ensures a seamless process and access to UAE’s robust banking sector.
  7. Visa and Residency Services: Secure the right visas for you and your team. Our team assists with visa applications, processing, and renewals, ensuring your seamless integration into the UAE.

Why Choose FMA Audit for Company Formation:

  • Extensive Experience: Our seasoned experts have a deep understanding of UAE’s business landscape, regulations, and market trends.
  • Tailored Solutions: We customize our services to match your business goals, ensuring the most suitable setup for your industry and aspirations.
  • Comprehensive Support: From inception to operation, we provide end-to-end support, allowing you to focus on your business while we handle the logistics.
  • Reliability and Transparency: We pride ourselves on clear communication, transparency, and delivering on our commitments.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Benefit from our network of strategic partners, including legal experts, financial advisors, and government authorities.

Embrace the business-friendly environment of the UAE with confidence. Contact us today to explore how our company formation services can set the stage for your success. Your business journey in the UAE begins here!

Company Formation Formalities in UAE:

The requirements for company formation in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), can vary depending on the type of company you wish to establish (Mainland, Free Zone, or Offshore) and the specific business activities you intend to undertake. Regulations and requirements may also change over time, so it’s important to consult with a legal or business consultant or refer to official government sources for the most up-to-date information.

Here is a overview of the requirements for company formation in Dubai:

1. Business Activities and Legal Structure:

  • Determine the type of business activities you plan to engage in. Different business activities may require specific licenses or approvals.
  • Choose an appropriate legal structure for your company, such as a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), or branch/representative office.

2. Company Name:

  • Choose a unique and appropriate company name that complies with UAE naming conventions and is not already registered.

3. Shareholders and Directors:

  • Identify shareholders and directors for the company. Some jurisdictions may have specific requirements for the number and nationality of shareholders and directors.

4. Capital Requirements:

  • Determine the minimum share capital required for the chosen legal structure. The capital requirement may vary depending on the business activity and jurisdiction.

5. Office Space:

  • Depending on the company type, you may need to secure office space in Dubai. Some free zones offer flexi-desk or virtual office options.

6. License and Permits:

  • Obtain the necessary licenses and permits from the relevant authorities. Different business activities may require different types of licenses.

7. Memorandum of Association (MOA):

  • Prepare a Memorandum of Association that outlines the company’s objectives, activities, and internal governance structure.

8. Local Sponsorship/Service Agent:

  • For certain types of companies, a local sponsor or service agent may be required. This is more common for mainland companies.

9. Registration and Documentation:

  • Prepare and submit the required documents, including application forms, MOA, passport copies of shareholders and directors, and other relevant documents.

10. Visa and Residency:

  • Once the company is established, you can apply for visas and residency permits for employees and shareholders.

11. Bank Account:

  • Open a corporate bank account in a UAE bank to facilitate financial transactions.

It’s important to note that the specific requirements and procedures can vary depending on factors such as the business activity, jurisdiction (mainland or free zone), and changes in regulations. To ensure accurate and up-to-date information, it is highly recommended to consult with a professional business consultant or legal expert who specializes in company formation in Dubai. Additionally, you should refer to official government sources, such as the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) or the relevant free zone authority, for detailed guidance.

For exact details and information please connect with our team and we will assist you exactly to reach your business goals in UAE.